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Flash Flood

Flash Flood Tragedy in Arizona This post was going to be about my birthday, which is today. Instead, I am sad. I grieve for the lives that were lost in the flash flood up by Payson this past weekend. Lives gone. An extended family devastated. Adults and children. If you live in the Phoenix or Mesa area, I am sure you have been warned about driving into the washes when there is a monsoon rain. It is the same in the high country for creeks and canyons. The water comes down so fast and heavily, it doesn't have time to… read more share this


Monsoon Season

Afternoon Drizzle? I have lived a few places where there is a monsoon season. Oklahoma, Texas and now Arizona. The afternoon rains can cool off the day. Sometimes for the rest of the day, sometimes for only a short time. If the clouds retreat and the sun shows its face… read more share this


Independence Day

Star Spangled Picnic One of my favorite holidays is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day. I don't care where you are from, if you are like me, hearing the National Anthem or another patriotic song will bring a tears to your eyes. I appreciate all the things… read more share this


I’m Melting!

Over 100! I'm not sure what people did before air conditioning. Well, actually, I do. They survived. They tried to stay out of the sun. They worked early and late in the day maybe taking a nap during the hottest part of the day. I grew up in the Midwest.… read more share this


It’s a Dry Heat

Heat is Heat Summer had definitely been here if you go by temperatures. If you go by the calendar, it will be here in a couple of days. Mesa and quite a bit of Arizona are hard on plants. I have seen some cacti drying up. The earth is cracked.… read more share this


Fire On the Mountain

Haze is in the Air I was driving from Flagstaff through Payson the other day and I saw a haze. The Highline Fire was in full swing. The picture on this post is a photograph I took of the smoke plume. The haze in the sky is the smoke from… read more share this


How Dry I Am

Dehydration I overheat. I am prone to getting too hot in the sun. I like to be in the sun, it just doesn't like me. I guess I am like some plants. I am not a cactus, I am a Midwestern plant. I wilt. So, just like me, the plants… read more share this


Flag Pole

Memorial Day Memorial Day is the beginning of the summer for many people. In Phoenix and the East Valley, it is already warm. It has been in the upper 90s and lower 100s. If you retired, it is a busy weekend with more people running around on Monday. If you… read more share this


Blooming Cactus

Painful Points, Pretty Posies I have a love-hate relationship with cacti. I love the flowers. I love the low maintenance. I love their drought hardy nature. I hate the spines. I don't suppose I would mind those so much if you could pull them out of your skin more easily.… read more share this


No Snow Here

This is Why People Flock Here... Phoenix in the winter is a wonderful thing. That is why many people head south from the colder north. This week is going to be in the mid-90s during the day and hover around 70F at night. I have friends up in Flagstaff. They… read more share this