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Tree Trimming and Removal

It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 American’s keep their lawns well-maintained and their gardens landscaped at all times throughout the year. While trees require less care generally, they still need the occasional trimming service to keep them looking their best and to promote proper growth.

For the most part, trees really do take care of themselves. Out in the forest one would rarely ever consider pruning a tree or assisting it in any way. Trees featured in formal landscapes and yards however present a different proposition. The biggest concern is safety. A fallen tree limb or fallen tree can have devastating outcomes for life and property. Often trees have been planted (or have grown naturally) without the consideration of the size and its proximity to other structures. Heavy tree limbs can come down in storms or simply just break off. Tree roots can grow into sewerage pipes, break concrete and interfere with house foundations and retaining walls. The results can be expensive and potentially life threatening.

Another consideration is that often the trees we feature in our landscapes are not ideally suited to the conditions. They have been planted simply because we like the look of the tree but the tree is less than comfortable because of the climate or soil conditions or both. While such situations will often cause few issues, a tree that is stressed by the conditions will require extra care to ensure it remains healthy. Simple pruning, soil conditioning and disease control might be required to ensure your favorite tree has a long and healthy life.

Redwood Landscaping has experienced arborists that can help you manage the trees in your landscape. Trees are a massive investment in time. It pays to ensure your trees are in the best of health. It protects your family, your clients and your property. Removing, trimming or taking limbs from trees really do require qualified expertise. Let Redwood take care of all your tree requirements for peace of mind and quality assurance.


Trees are brilliant insulators in the Arizonan summer and can help to reduce power bills whilst increasing the property value of your residence or commercial building. Redwood Landscaping specializes in providing comprehensive tree trimming, pruning and removal services throughout the greater Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and Tempe areas.


We can handle everything from:


  • Regular upkeep and maintenance
  • Broken tree limb and tree removal
  • Diseased tree care and treatment
  • Crushed plant and grass removal


Why Trust Redwood Landscaping?

Due to the inherent risk of clearing trees away from structures and in some cases, overhead livewires, the task is best left to a professional tree trimming service. Redwood Landscaping is your tree care professional.


We have the expertise to safely remove trees from your property and can provide a thorough cleanup of the area when finished. In fact, it’s our promise to each and every client that we’ll complete the task to your satisfaction as backed by our guarantee.

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