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Landscaping Tips from the Professionals

Having your landscaping and hardscaping done professionally can greatly improve the look and feel of your home or business, alongside increasing its market value by up to 15% on average.


At Redwood Landscaping, we can craft, install and maintain your outdoor living areas. If you’re after a more themed look for your garden or yard, we also offer several seasonal specials designed to enhance the natural beauty of your property.


Seasonal Specials

Desert View

5 Ton Rock

5 - 1 Gal. Plant

3 - 5 Gal. Plant

1 - 15 Gal. Tree

2 Boulders

TOTAL $999.00

Tropical View

10 Ton Rock

5 - 1 Gal. Plant

5 - 5 Gal. Plant

2 - 15 Gal Tree

3 - Boulders

1 - Drip Line

TOTAL $2,225.00

Redwood View

15 - Ton Rock

10 - 1 Gal Plant

5 - 5 Gal. Plant

3 - 15 Gal. Tree

2 - 24” Box Tree

250 sq. ft. Sod

1 Sprinkler Zone

1 Drip Zone

TOTAL $3,837

Desert View
Tropical View
Redwood View

Transforming Your Yard into an Outdoor Living Space

Not everything you do needs to be a big undertaking. Sometimes all it takes is a few quick and easy landscaping tips anyone can do to have your garden looking healthy and attractive. A few hours put into the care and maintenance of your yard go a long way and will begin to pay immediate dividends.


Consider what you have to work with and where improvements can be made. Adding small stones and plants to accent pathways will invite life back into your outdoors. Landscape design is all about finding balance between organic and inorganic features and highlighting the areas you want to call attention to.


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Of course, if you require a comprehensive professional service, consider Redwood Landscaping as your local professional landscape architecture experts and contact us today!

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