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Lawn Care Services Arizona
Lawn Maintenance Services Arizona
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Our experts are on standby to take any questions you might have about our cleanup and lawn maintenance plans, or any of our other advertised services. Call or contact us today and discuss your landscaping requirements with a member of our trusted team.

Professional Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Once your residential or commercial property landscape has been redesigned there is one important aspect that is often overlooked – the proper care and maintenance of its organic features. Redwood Landscaping offers more than a personalized outdoor installation and hardscaping service; we are also qualified experts in lawn maintenance.


We’ll keep your front or backyard, estate or commercial property looking like the day it was finished. Not only will we complete small repairs where necessary to your hardscape features, we’’ll also help you to protect and extend the life of your landscaping investment.


A well-manicured lawn and well maintained garden landscape can improve the resale value of your property by 15%. We offer competitive rates for our regular maintenance and cleanup services to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your outdoor living spaces will continue to remain healthy and attractive all year round.

For many a property owner, lawn care doesn't progress beyond a regular mow and water. Some are lucky and their lawns survive, most often however, the lawn becomes stressed and begins to look somewhat less than loved. Grass is demanding. That’s why we have a service that sees us taking care of your lawn while you simply enjoy it. We can mow and fertilize your grass exactly when it's required. We can manage your soils ensuring they are balanced and enriched to promote stable, lush growth. We can keep your lawn edges perfectly manicured and the weeds at bay. This is all done based on a program that suites the demands of your busy lifestyle and the demands of your lawn. You can be as involved with the process as you like or simply employ us for a set and forget relationship where you don’t have to think about your lawn maintenance again.

A beautiful lawn should be a stand out feature of a beautiful property. The occasional mowing and watering is simply not enough to get the best out of your lawn. Let us manage the process for you. Let us maintain your turf to a standard that adds value to your property, beauty and function to your yard and fosters even greater pride in your investment.


Lawn Care Services in Arizona

Changing With the Seasons

We know the Arizona climate better than most and we know under what conditions your lawn and flora are best likely to flourish. We can tailor our maintenance services to the needs of your property and can handle everything from:


  • Combating weeds
  • Raking your leaves
  • Fertilizing and aerating your lawn
  • Strategic pruning and trimming


Lawn Maintenance Services in Arizona

Seasonal Expertise

Additionally, our lawn maintenance professionals have the training and experience to handle all your seasonal landscaping needs. As the weather grows hotter or colder, we will adjust our services to help your lawn flourish. From combating weeds to selecting the ideal fertilizer for your grass, we specialize in making your yard look incredible year round.


Flexible Scheduling To Suit You

We’’re mindful of the fact that your lead a busy life and can adjust our services to fit around your hectic schedule. For your convenience, Redwood Landscaping offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly landscape maintenance plans to suit your individual and specific needs. We service the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction areas.

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