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Lawn Irrigation Installer Arizona
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We understand that the best designs are the most functional and adaptable to changes in weather. If your property has seen better days and you feel it’s time to create a space outdoors you can live in year round, contact us at Redwood Landscaping today!

Lawn Irrigation Installer in Arizona

Since our founding over ten years ago, we at Redwood Landscaping have installed hundreds of lawn irrigation systems on both residential and commercial properties across the Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and Tempe, AZ areas. Our clients have come to expect nothing less than the best and that’’s what we offer.

It’s often taken for granted but grass is a very demanding plant requiring boundless sun and equal amounts of water. Maintenance is critical, as is the selection of grass type. Weeds can become a problem if not managed correctly but a beautiful lawn can be achieved and maintained with the correct approach. Arizona is blessed with an abundance of wonderful sunlight but water is not so readily available for free and lawns love to drink.

Redwood Landscapes are irrigation specialists. And what’s more, we know lawns. We can make a complete assessment of you lawn needs or lawn situation and advise on, and implement a process for ensuring beautiful green lawns all year round. An irrigation system is often the most cost effective way as it targets and times irrigation in a scientifically measured way. This system ensures you are getting the best value for every drop of water you use.

Our services don’t stop at irrigation only. We can shape your yard or landscape for improved water retention or drainage. We can prepare soil, mulch and fertilizers to ensure continued lush growth and weed mitigation. Each lawn presents a unique set of circumstances that requires a targeted approach to achieve the best outcome. Talk to one of our experts and discuss a complete system and maintenance program to ensure lasting, beautiful, green and lush lawns that any golfer would be proud to own.


Our services are built to last in Arizona’’s warm and arid climate and we take all precautions to ensure that your yard benefits from an optimized irrigation network. In fact, we specialize in:


  • Preparing mulch and soil
  • Assessing water control
  • Shaping land to retain water
  • Implementing drip irrigation
  • Installing sprinklers for lawns


We’’re your lawn irrigation and lawn maintenance professionals and we guarantee your satisfaction in everything we do. We can even perform repairs to your existing systems all at great value and minimal impact to your busy routine. So if you’’re looking for an efficient irrigation solution, look no further than Redwood Landscaping.

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