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February is the month to ramp up your yardwork in the East Valley. Consult your local landscaping company, Redwood Landscaping, to plan and implement your spring yard. Do it now while you have extra money from your tax refund. Quotes and estimates are always free.

Okay, enough of the advertising.

February is the month when the danger of a frost in Mesa gets behind you. The first growing season of the year is approaching fast. You will notice buds and fruits on the trees and bushes. The box stores are stocking plants, seeds and fertilizer. As I showed last week, plants are beginning to burst forth with life, citrus and flowers. Arizona is different than the Midwest, as there is green all year round. It was easy up north to see when spring was starting. The green showed up brightly among the whites and browns.

It is tempting to plant anything your heart desires, but the problem is when the heat of the summer and lack of rain hits. Your drip systems need to be examined to make sure there are no leaks. They need to be adjusted for the changing season and plants. When I was working at the hotel, we adjusted the drip system at least 4 times during the year. I would talk with our grounds people and we would set the timing and watering amount. We had different zones set up for different areas of the landscape. Grass, bushes and flowers. Each zone had its own settings based on water needed.

It is important that your drip systems are installed properly or you could lose your investment in the softscape part of your landscaping. There is nothing I hate more than to have to pull out a plant that died because it was under watered. It is such a sad thing to look and see a dried up plant. I do accept that I am hard on plants and I expect to lose a certain amount. My thumb is not as green as my mother’s thumb was.

It is supposed to rain later this week. Enjoy your sunny days and get your free landscaping quote today!

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