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Valentine’s Day

Spring Specials

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. I love holidays, but they also drive me nuts. Many people go out and buy something, anything, a last minute item as a present. I prefer a present that has more thought to it. Something special that is for me in particular. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolates, but I would love a plant I can put in the ground and get flowers for a whole season.

I may be weird, but I like to get things for my house. I like to get things for my yard. I really like getting things for my hobbies. I like flowers once in a while, but I like a very small arrangement, one or three flowers. I can remember as a child bringing flowers to school for the teachers. We would bring blooms cut from the yard. There would be 2 or three tulips, irises or lilies. The cut part of the stem would have a damp paper towel wrapped around it and aluminum foil over that. The flowers on the teacher’s desk would brighten up the whole classroom.

It does the same thing in your house. There is the satisfaction of knowing your hard work produces something of such beauty.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, tax season is upon us. Tax time is a time when I have a block of money to purchase a bigger item. I try to plan on getting something each year that will improve my property or life. For my property, I have done hardscape recently. It would be a great time for backyard improvements. Look at your backyard family space and see if you can fit in an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit. This is a great use of your refund.

In the Mesa area, obviously, the summer is hot. If you have an outdoor barbeque area, you can have great food and not heat up your house. It is a place for family and friends to gather around. An outdoor kitchen will add to the value of your house. No more rolling out a Smokey Joe and a bag of charcoal.

Think about what to do with your refund and add to the value of your property. Visit the “Our Specials” page and call us today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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