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Roses in the Desert

Beautiful Colors

My stepmother and father live on the west side of the valley. Last week they posted pictures of some of the roses in their yard. I mentioned this, but I just felt the need to show you some pictures. These are not professional shots, but it shows the diversity of what you can do in the desert with time and water. As always, consult your professional landscaping company for ideas and tips.

yellow rose

I have to admit that roses are not my favorite flower. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look and smell, but I am more partial to tulips and wildflowers. These flowers are gorgeous. Their yard is a mix of desert and non-desert plants. They have a drip system in place.

Growing up, we had a variety of flowers in our yard. The blossoms came from bushes, bulbs, rhizomes and seeds. My parents had plants that flowered throughout the season from crocuses poking their heads through the snow to mums in the fall.

pink and cream rose

I think I had a privileged childhood as far as plants were concerned. My parents always had a garden that had fresh fruits, vegetables and decorative plants. If we were interested in a plant that could be grown, they would research what to do and try to grow it. Some experiments were more successful than others. I had my own little garden probably 3 feet in diameter. It had a rose bush in the middle that I got from my uncle. Shorter flowers were planted around it. Things like moss roses and alyssum. I was in grade school at the time.

red rose

I remember being confused that the flowers on the rose bush were peachy yellow the first year and red the second. That was the first time I heard about plant grafts. The hybrid rose was grafted on a hardier root stock. What happened is that even though the rose bush was covered during the winter, the graft part died and the roots survived. I was amazed at what plants could do.

yellow rose

Roses are a good choice if you have their environment set. They do not have to be replanted every year. As you can see by the pictures, beautiful!

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Looking Out My Window

Looking Out My Window

As I sat this morning drinking coffee looking out my window, I looked at the beauty outside. I thought about the different things that people could see when they look out their own windows.

Some would see a finished yard and give a grand and pleased sigh at the wonderful things they are looking as. Others would see how much needed to be done with no time to do the yardwork and give a stressful sigh. I fall somewhere in the middle. My yard is not perfect, my yard needs landscaping, but I see the wonder of the plants I have.

I have cactus, natural grass, rocks, plants and weeds. Lots of weeds. Weeds sometimes make me laugh and weeds sometimes stress me out. Weeds are weeds because they are plants that are not wanted. I made a mistake last year and planted some seeds where I thought I wanted a plant. The plant is native and hardy. This year it finally hit me that the seeds stick in the dog’s fur and on my pants. The plant is having lots of baby plants. So I have decided the plant is a “weed” and it needs to go away. I see small plants sprouting from the seeds that have dropped in my yard. The small plants are not by the mother plant, they are by my front door. My sigh this morning included these tiny plants that I now have to pull out.

I grew up in the mid-West where there was much more moisture. I now live the arid land of Arizona. I have much to learn about the plants here. I talk to professionals and watch the stores to see what plants are best for this environment. The professional landscapers are much more informative than the box stores. I want to add a few areas to my property. Eventually I will have a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen or grill area. I have a sitting area with a couple of chairs.

I look at my outdoor environment as a way to recharge. I call it “communing with nature”. I am lucky. So today, I will pull a few weeds and try to figure out what seeds and plants I am going to experiment with next.

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Landscaping Planning During the Cold Months

Everybody thinks about landscaping when spring arrives and during summer. Because it is high in demand during the warm months, you might need to wait a bit to get to the planning of your garden with the help of landscaping specialists. To avoid this, our recommendation is to start with the landscaping planning during the cold months.

Maybe you thought that December, January and February are dead months when it comes to landscaping, but this couldn’t be more wrong. These months are actually precious time we can use to be ready to rock and roll once spring comes.

Landscaping planning- the stages

Landscaping is not only about the lawn and trees and flowers and plants or paving the alleys. These are actions to be done when the weather will be warm. But the stages of landscaping planning are these:

  1. 1. Market research and choosing the company that will design and implement the project. During the cold months, you will get plenty of time to ask around, research online and set up meetings with all the people you’d like to talk about landscaping.


  1. 2. Once you have decided on a landscaping company, next there will be a meeting about your design requests, the size of the land, type of the house, how you envisage landscaping and what other special demands you might have. The landscaping company will present you with a cost estimate after this meeting so you know what to expect when the work will start.


  1. 3. The specialists from the landscaping company will come around and visit the area to get the necessary data to design the project. All this can be done even during the coldest month of winter.


  1. 4. The landscaping experts will create the design and another meeting will be set to discuss it and agree on the final draft. Because there are not so many landscaping projects going on during this period of the year, they will take their time and concentrate on your project.


  1. 5. The final details of the project are being arranged, the materials, cost estimates and time estimates, all will be ready for your approval before the spring comes.


  1. 6. Once the weather gets warmer, your project will start.

As you can see, there are many stages of a landscaping project and giving each and every one of them the time required is important and sometimes a guarantee that the project will be a success. Why wait until spring comes to plan when you can do it all now and start work in spring?

Creating the design is probably the most important part of the process. The conversations about the types of materials and plants to be used is also an essential element. All these can be done without any rush during the cold months. More than this, it will allow you some time to reconsider even the project even in its final stages if the start date is not set for another one or two months.

Give us a call today and let’s set up an appointment to talk about landscaping!

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Three Important Reasons to Hire Professional Landscapers

Have you finally taken the leap from an apartment to a freestanding house? Congratulations! You are now not only a proud homeowner, but you get to enjoy all the responsibilities that go along with it!

professional landscapers

Unfortunately, one of the first home maintenance tasks to fall to the wayside for many new property ‘barons’ is landscaping duties. And who can blame them? Whereas in apartment living the only thing needing maintenance was a potted plant or two, when you own property with a yard there’s weekly pruning, watering, mowing and weeding that just wasn’t there before. What’s more, once you let your garden/lawn run wild, the cost of fixing it can be quite high.

It only makes sense to protect your investment, the beauty of your property and your sanity by hiring a professional landscaper to take over these often neglected, but essential duties.

Give Yourself Some Time…

professional landscapers

Too busy for the maintenance a beautiful lawn requires? Needing those free hours to de-stress rather than hunched over weeding? Like busy little garden gnomes, the right landscaping team will pop in and out of your space undetected, leaving behind only a perfectly tended yard; freeing up the time for you to sit back and enjoy it. Whether you choose yearly, monthly or weekly packages, you’re chosen landscaper will work with you to ensure that your lawn (and your stress levels) are being expertly tended to.

Give Yourself the Expertise

It’s safe to say that the DIY craze is getting a little out of hand. This is the most evident when it comes to ‘wanna-be landscapers.  Algae filled ponds? Lawn filled with plastic ornaments? How about plants with no chance at all of thriving dying in sloppily designed beds? Landscapers are privy to the kind of knowledge that only proper schooling brings. They are well versed in horticulture, engineering, art, soil biology and the most minuscule ins and outs of your particular macrocosm. The right landscaper will ensure that every inch of your property is functional, well tended and beautiful. You might even sneak that Koi pond in there…

Give Yourself the Security

Not only will your view suffer from your lawn negligence, but your property value will actually decrease. Dead grass, over grown bushes and a barren garden reduces the ‘curb appeal’ of your home and as a result, your resale value as well. When well tended, your landscaped yard will increase your property value by 15% with a whopping 258% return on the investment costs to keep it all looking lovely.

Maintaining a home is a big commitment to be sure and one that can leave many new homeowners reeling in those first few years. Do yourself a favor and expect some surprises – unpaid bills, minor disasters and more than a few things left untended as you adjust from being a tenant to a landowner. Why not do yourself the additional favor of asking for help.  Not only will your home and bank account thrive from it, but you will too. Patio party anyone?

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