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Snow Storm

Cold and Wet

Well, I survived the storms. I knew that I would. Different parts of Arizona had rain, sleet or snow. I am in the middle of the state right now, so I got mostly sleet. Another 10 miles north, they had snow and 10 miles south they had rain.

The problem we had here was not the rain, sleet or snow, it was the electricity. Friday night, the power went out 5 times between 10pm and 5am. I was lucky. Some parts of the town did not have power for 24 hours. These days with modern conveniences, some of my friends have only electric appliances, including their heat. As we were borderline freezing the whole weekend, their houses or apartments got pretty cold. The hotels were filled with cold residents, electric company workers and people who make the journey from the Phoenix area to play in the snow. Every time the electricity went out, I woke up. I think it was the dead silence. I got up each time. When I looked out of the window, the only lights I saw were the headlights and tail lights of the vehicles on the road.

This is probably the last good storm of the winter season. I know I said we were headed to spring, but I mean it this time. We had a couple of storms back to back. Now the sun is out for a week. The dripping has started. I saw a couple of pictures my step-mother posted on a Facebook. Beautiful roses in full bloom. They are also getting the grapefruit, lemons and oranges ripening. They live in the western part of the Phoenix area. The blood oranges are almost ripe.

Since I am considered high desert, I want to put in some citrus. I believe I get cold weather too long in the year to be able to do that. Another future task for me is to figure out what kinds of fruit trees I can actually have. I would be happy with any of them. I don’t want a tree that starts putting out fruit only to have a late frost kill the baby fruit.

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