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Roses in the Desert

Beautiful Colors

My stepmother and father live on the west side of the valley. Last week they posted pictures of some of the roses in their yard. I mentioned this, but I just felt the need to show you some pictures. These are not professional shots, but it shows the diversity of what you can do in the desert with time and water. As always, consult your professional landscaping company for ideas and tips.

yellow rose

I have to admit that roses are not my favorite flower. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look and smell, but I am more partial to tulips and wildflowers. These flowers are gorgeous. Their yard is a mix of desert and non-desert plants. They have a drip system in place.

Growing up, we had a variety of flowers in our yard. The blossoms came from bushes, bulbs, rhizomes and seeds. My parents had plants that flowered throughout the season from crocuses poking their heads through the snow to mums in the fall.

pink and cream rose

I think I had a privileged childhood as far as plants were concerned. My parents always had a garden that had fresh fruits, vegetables and decorative plants. If we were interested in a plant that could be grown, they would research what to do and try to grow it. Some experiments were more successful than others. I had my own little garden probably 3 feet in diameter. It had a rose bush in the middle that I got from my uncle. Shorter flowers were planted around it. Things like moss roses and alyssum. I was in grade school at the time.

red rose

I remember being confused that the flowers on the rose bush were peachy yellow the first year and red the second. That was the first time I heard about plant grafts. The hybrid rose was grafted on a hardier root stock. What happened is that even though the rose bush was covered during the winter, the graft part died and the roots survived. I was amazed at what plants could do.

yellow rose

Roses are a good choice if you have their environment set. They do not have to be replanted every year. As you can see by the pictures, beautiful!

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