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No Snow Here

This is Why People Flock Here... Phoenix in the winter is a wonderful thing. That is why many people head south from the colder north. This week is going to be in the mid-90s during the day and hover around 70F at night. I have friends up in Flagstaff. They… read more share this



Buzz, Buzz, Buzz I love birds. I love many things about the world. The patterns in nature intrigue me. There are amazing designs, brilliant colors and weird sounds. Hummingbirds are cute little buzz saws. I generally hear them before I see them. Some are nice, some are mean. They can… read more share this


May is Here

May Day We used to sing about May Poles, but we never had one. Growing up, May was still school time. May held the promise of summer. May had a holiday with a parade. The land and plants were green. We looked forward to being out of school when there… read more share this








Ever Changing I spent the last week or so packing and unpacking. Boy am I tired. I haven't wanted to do anything extra as far as yardwork is concerned. As I get older, my recovery time from unusual manual labor is longer and longer. I helped pack a moving truck… read more share this

moving day

Moving Days

Oh, My Poor Back This week would normally be a time to start a new project at the property with winter ending and spring arriving. We are not going to be out on my property full time for a while, so I am having the pleasure of packing up items… read more share this