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WOW – Time Flies!

Another Week Wow! I can't believe it is January. Not only is it January, we are already the second week into the year. This is how time flies. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything so far this year. I have recovered from the holidays and the celebrations. My… read more share this

new year


A New Year Here it is. 2017 It is hard to believe the holidays are already over and now we are back to the normal humdrum of life. For some people, the holiday season will go on for another week. Decorations have been taken down at the hotel and my… read more share this

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The Day After

Is Christmas Over? It is the day after Christmas. I am still helping out at the hotel. It is in the northern mountains of Arizona. We had a white Christmas. The snow started falling after quite a period of rain. As always, I am grateful for any natural moisture we… read more share this



Arizona is Warm This week, I as I look at a map of the United States, I am glad I live in Arizona. I know I will not repeat that statement every day in the summer heat, but this week I am glad. I have relatives in places where there… read more share this

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Beautiful Weather

Busy Days The valley has been having wonderful days. It is supposed to get colder and rain on Friday. For those ambitious people, it would be a great time to get some outdoor / yard work done before the weekend. Alas, the holidays also approach meaning there is not time… read more share this

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Scaredy Birds

The Scary Black Box Birds play a part in my landscaping decisions. I have tried to keep areas of the property around my house as it was when I moved here, in other words natural. My plan is to start putting in plants that attract birds in general, specifically song… read more share this

Cactus Christmas

Between Holidays

I Survived Thanksgiving! Wow! I survived Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure I was going to make it with all the food that was prepared. I ate so much I had to wait to eat some pie and cheesecake. It was wonderful to be around family and friends; however I missed my… read more share this

autumn trees


Being Grateful This week is Thanksgiving week. I am grateful today that I did not have to do work outside. I will be grateful tomorrow that I will be doing some work outside and that I am physically able to do that work. I will definitely be grateful and then… read more share this



Moonlight Tonight is the largest supermoon since 1948. In other words, the largest in my lifetime. It was beautiful last night. I woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night and it was hard to believe how bright it was outside. It gets very dark out… read more share this

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Rainy Daze

aka Water on My Brain It doesn't rain very often in the Phoenix area of Arizona this time of year. It rained last week. It was a whopping 0.35 inches. As normal, there were places where this caused havoc. People often make fun of Arizona drivers and any kind of… read more share this