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moving day

Moving Days

Oh, My Poor Back This week would normally be a time to start a new project at the property with winter ending and spring arriving. We are not going to be out on my property full time for a while, so I am having the pleasure of packing up items… read more share this



Enjoy Nature No rain in the 10 day forecast. It hasn't hit triple digits in the East Valley or Phoenix yet. It is truly a beautiful time of the year. There isn't quite 12 hours of sunlight yet, but it is getting there. Landscaping for the average person is a… read more share this

Carnival Mask

Mardi Gras

Carnival Now, I don't aim to get religious... Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. Lent. Somber. I always think of this time of year as a time for things to begin to bud and grow from the bare earth. The dirt is brown and will begin to get a fuzz of green.… read more share this


More Weather

Will it Ever End??? One more of week of moisture is headed our way. This is the storm of the century in California. One thing that this winter has brought into my mind is the absolute necessity of examining water flow. Mother Nature will do what she wants and if… read more share this

flowers in heart shaped hole

Valentine’s Day

Spring Specials Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I love holidays, but they also drive me nuts. Many people go out and buy something, anything, a last minute item as a present. I prefer a present that has more thought to it. Something special that is for me in particular. Don't get… read more share this

springkler system

Taking Stock of Your Water

Get a Drip System Consultation February is the month to ramp up your yardwork in the East Valley. Consult your local landscaping company, Redwood Landscaping, to plan and implement your spring yard. Do it now while you have extra money from your tax refund. Quotes and estimates are always free.… read more share this


Roses in the Desert

Beautiful Colors My stepmother and father live on the west side of the valley. Last week they posted pictures of some of the roses in their yard. I mentioned this, but I just felt the need to show you some pictures. These are not professional shots, but it shows the… read more share this

ice and snow

Snow Storm

Cold and Wet Well, I survived the storms. I knew that I would. Different parts of Arizona had rain, sleet or snow. I am in the middle of the state right now, so I got mostly sleet. Another 10 miles north, they had snow and 10 miles south they had… read more share this

snowdrops in snow

Getting Along

Planning for Spring We are supposed to get moisture later this week. Parts of California and Northern Arizona have gotten a lot of moisture in the form of rain and snow. Dirt roads are a muddy mess. One thing about the East Valley or in Phoenix, is the general lack… read more share this

seeds, planting

WOW – Time Flies!

Another Week Wow! I can't believe it is January. Not only is it January, we are already the second week into the year. This is how time flies. I don't feel like I have accomplished anything so far this year. I have recovered from the holidays and the celebrations. My… read more share this