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No Snow Here

This is Why People Flock Here…

Phoenix in the winter is a wonderful thing. That is why many people head south from the colder north. This week is going to be in the mid-90s during the day and hover around 70F at night. I have friends up in Flagstaff. They are looking at freezing weather at least one day this week. I have family and friends in the Colorado Springs to Denver corridor. They are expecting snow this week.

The heat of the summer is another story, but if you have bones that ache in the cold weather, this is the place to be. The northern part of the state did get quite a bit of moisture during the winter. That helped with the drought conditions in some areas.

Phoenix yards should have already had plants and grass planted. It is getting warmer, or just plain hot to us Midwestern Folk. The moisture is going to be few and far between until the monsoons hit in July and August. Watering is a must. I know I keep harping on watering, but the plants will die without substance. The easiest way to keep your yard looking wonderful and the plants healthy is to get a system installed when the new plants are put in. The system is adjusted a few times a year so that the needs of the plants are met.

The other option is to water the plants yourself. This is always hard for me as I tend to overwater plants, feel guilty when they are waterlogged and neglect them by waiting too long to water them again. I have found having a system adjusted seasonally is the perfect way to help with my imperfections. The other thing about a watering system is that the plants can be watered before sun-up and after sundown. The water will not evaporate as much as if it was done in the middle of the day. Call Walter at Redwood Landscaping and get a free estimate to improve the look of your yard and the value of your property. You won’t regret it.

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