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Moving Days

Oh, My Poor Back

This week would normally be a time to start a new project at the property with winter ending and spring arriving. We are not going to be out on my property full time for a while, so I am having the pleasure of packing up items I need to move. I hate moving. While it does give me the ability to focus on the next segment of the journey of my life, my back just does not like it. I start out more organized and by the end, I am putting things in boxes because I am too tired to sort out the last things. It takes a while to get to them at the new place since I am tired from the move and unpacking the basic things I need.

On the positive side, the weather was very nice. No rain. No snow. Not overly cold.

The move is going to show me new areas that I have to have automated at my property. I will not be there every day and not even every week. I have to make sure that the plants that need water have water. I don’t think I have to worry about freezing this time of the year, but I will have to look at that in the autumn.

Last but not least, it is now time to do my taxes. I’m not sure if I get a refund this year or not, but years that I do get a refund, I tend to do projects or buy a bigger needed item. Call Walter at Redwood today and schedule your free estimate. Put your tax refund to good use and improve your property. You can get a small job done, find out about maintenance or improve your yard with a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. Just because we live in Arizona doesn’t mean that your yard has to be drab. Add some color to your property.

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