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More Weather

Will it Ever End???

One more of week of moisture is headed our way. This is the storm of the century in California. One thing that this winter has brought into my mind is the absolute necessity of examining water flow. Mother Nature will do what she wants and if I do not go along with her, she will chew up my yard. It will not matter what I have planned or where I put things, the water will dig them up.

We have seen what rain and snow can do with the Spring thaws. The Oroville dam is a prime example of that. The people were lucky the dam did not fail. The repair of the area and spillway will cost more than the prevention would have. This is the same with your yard. If there is not a proper diversion of water, it can even affect your house and foundation.

Water doesn’t have to be all bad; it can be quite pretty if it has a rock way to flow down. I love the sound of waterfalls. When I am on my property, a ways away, there is a creek bed with a drop of probably 20 feet in one spot. When the creek is running, I can hear the water roar. I don’t have the fear that a dam will fail so for me it is a peaceful yet exhilarating sound.

The land is starting to come to life on my property. The plants are putting out buds. I am higher than the Valley, so Spring comes a little later. I stay a little cooler in the summer. But I also have to deal with a lot of mud. I am hoping this coming storm will be it for a while. I need things to dry out so I can move ahead with property improvement projects. Yes, this does include landscaping.

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