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May is Here

May Day

We used to sing about May Poles, but we never had one. Growing up, May was still school time. May held the promise of summer. May had a holiday with a parade. The land and plants were green. We looked forward to being out of school when there was nothing to do but play. There was the summer reading program starting soon. Summer school too. Summer school was not really like school. We took fun classes like pottery and crafts, wood working, and swimming classes.

As we grew, my mother would let us or expect us to help out with plants, the yard work and gardening. There were times when the work was a fun thing and times it was a real chore. Now that I am older, I appreciate the beauty of the flowers, bushes and trees, that bloomed and were green many months of the year and I certainly remember the wonderful fruits and vegetables we had. I didn’t understand the years of work that went into the yard and garden. Some of the plants and flowers were permanent and others had to be planted from seeds every year. My parents gathered seeds at the end of the season. They kept track of the different plants and where they were located. Some years, the garden size was increased to put in a bigger variety of vegetables or enlarge existing beds.

We had a variety of flowers. Their gorgeous blooms covered a rainbow of colors. I always liked cosmos. The flowers on this blog post picture are cosmos. The southwestern desert blooms, but the plants have to protect themselves against dry conditions. They have to be able to withstand the harsh sunlight and the heat.

The yards in Phoenix may look more stark because they do not have green of yards in the Midwest, but if designed right, they have a neat, clean look. There is yardwork involved, but it is different. Call Walter at Redwood Landscaping today for a free estimate. Let him work magic on your property and improve the value.

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