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Ever Changing

I spent the last week or so packing and unpacking. Boy am I tired. I haven’t wanted to do anything extra as far as yardwork is concerned. As I get older, my recovery time from unusual manual labor is longer and longer. I helped pack a moving truck and did less unpacking it. This seems to be a wakeup call that I need to get more physical activity.

Our property is in pretty good shape water diversion wise. This was lucky for me for two reasons. First, I don’t have to find, move and place rocks so much this year. Second, the rain and snow didn’t do as much damage to the ground areas, or cause as much clean up as it would have done in past years. I do have smaller pieces of wood that the water carried that I have pick up, but the area looked pretty good. I think the worst part this year, because we had a storm with a lot of heavy snow, is broken branches.

I need to get out with my saw to cut up the broken branches. Since we are in Arizona, it gets dry. The cedar and pine can be a fire danger if they are dried out and not taken care of. Some of the wood is saved for fireplaces and stoves, but we get rid of the smaller branches and needles. Since I won’t be at the property full time any more, I need to plan my improvement projects. I have to take into consideration timing and money. We are coming into a great time of the year to get outside. It seems like the summer heat isn’t too far away.

It is still a great time to contact my favorite, Redwood Landscaping and make your yard more beautiful! You can get a free estimate for a cleanup or a new project. They do a lot of wonderful things.

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