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It’s a Dry Heat

Heat is Heat

Summer had definitely been here if you go by temperatures. If you go by the calendar, it will be here in a couple of days. Mesa and quite a bit of Arizona are hard on plants. I have seen some cacti drying up. The earth is cracked. Dust is blowing. The wind doesn’t cool you off, it dries you out.

I seem to be drinking a lot more water, but I still feel dehydrated some days. Living in Arizona, I do not go anywhere without water in my bag or the car. It can mean life or death.

I see the plants at the box stores and my first thought is “will they survive the heat, sun and lack of water?” Many plants they sell are not ideally suited for the East Valley area. Since I moved I am not out at my property all the time. My established plants are doing pretty well. I planted many of them in the shade. When I first moved there, I make the mistake of believing a plant tag that said “sunny”. Sunny in the desert means something different than sunny in other parts of the country.

The East Valley air is arid. It will suck the moisture out of your dirt. This is why it is so important to consult with a professional landscaper. They know what plants you can put in that will have the best chance of survival. They also know drip systems. They can help your yard be an oasis in the desert and something to be proud of.

You do not want friends or family to come and visit and your yard is cracked dirt with sad little dried up plants. You want some color by your house. Green. Vibrant pinks. Bright whites.

Call the professionals at Redwood Landscaping. They take pride in their work. They can design or help you design your yard. They will make it a thing of beauty where you want to spend time.

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