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Independence Day

Star Spangled Picnic

One of my favorite holidays is the Fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day. I don’t care where you are from, if you are like me, hearing the National Anthem or another patriotic song will bring a tears to your eyes. I appreciate all the things that those that came before me sacrificed. I like the patriotic feeling of togetherness in my heart.

Parades. Fireworks. Red. White. Blue. As a child, we went to parades. Even if we had something else going on were we could not get to a parade, we heard it. We lived 2 blocks from the street they went down. After the parade, we either grilled out or went on a picnic to one of the nearby Forest Preserves. One of my all-time favorite foods was the watermelon at the end of the meal. Back then, they had seeds. Some of the melons had lots of seeds. We would spit them out where ever we were. The grass in our backyard was a typical place. I think we ate slices of watermelon outside most of the time. A bite would send the juice running down our chins. We ate them outside so my mom didn’t have to clean up all the sweet stickiness of the juice. I was hopeful that the watermelon seeds would become volunteer plants.

We didn’t have a set picnic or patio area at home. The picnic table got moved for each project or every time we mowed the lawn. Our spears to cook hotdogs or marshmallows over a fire were wire hangers straight at one end and a loop handle at the other.

We had a full lawn. Arizona is different. Some kind of patio or artificial grass is a must or dirt is stirred up by walking. Redwood Landscaping has installed some areas that are picnic heaven. An outdoor kitchen complete with a mini-fridge. Artificial grass and paver patios. Travertine pavers are wonderful to look at. If they work around an existing pool, the yards look amazing.

So my plan tomorrow is to go watch the fireworks and be thankful for my life. I haven’t had a roll of caps in years, but I sure remember hitting them with a hammer. Happy Fourth of July!

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