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Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

I love birds. I love many things about the world. The patterns in nature intrigue me. There are amazing designs, brilliant colors and weird sounds. Hummingbirds are cute little buzz saws. I generally hear them before I see them. Some are nice, some are mean. They can dive bomb you. They are attracted to the color red.

If you put out hummingbird feeders, do not buy the red juice. The dyes used are not good for the birds. The juice is easy to make. 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, boil; cool the juice before putting in the feeder. The feeders should be cleaned frequently. In the hot weather, the juice will go bad faster especially if there are contaminants in it such as bees or ants.

My parents had 5 or 6 hummingbird feeders in a row handing from their by the front door. Every year they had multitudes of hummers feeding. They also tried to plant flowers that attracted bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

A couple of years ago I had two agave or century plants blooming where I could see them from the house. There were hummingbirds that fed at them and other birds would peck at the insects that were attracted to the blooms. The first year I was at the property, I made a hummingbird feeder out of tubing and a 1 liter bottle. It worked, but it also dripped sugar water all over the ground. When I was able to make a trip to town I bought hummer feeder. I had so much fun with that one, I bought a second one. I would have different species of hummingbirds at different times of the year. I had some Rufus that were very mean and chased my poor little green hummingbirds every time they tried to feed.

There are many kinds of native flowers at my property. Some of them attract little birds who feed on the seeds. I have slowly been adding drought resistant flowers. I also collect seeds from native flowers and plants and throw them around the undeveloped areas. Most people are more systematic about their planting. My place does not have much landscaping except for water diversion. Landscaping for bees, butterflies and birds is still on my list of things to do. Being so far from any town, I do not have the advantage of consulting a professional landscaper. I do, however pick their brains every chance I can get.

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