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How Dry I Am


I overheat. I am prone to getting too hot in the sun. I like to be in the sun, it just doesn’t like me. I guess I am like some plants. I am not a cactus, I am a Midwestern plant. I wilt. So, just like me, the plants need to stay hydrated.

There are various reasons a person chooses landscaping for their property or house. It may be in housing association rules. A person may want to improve the looks and value of their property. Lights may be added for security reasons. Flowers and plants may be added for aesthetic reasons. A patio area may be added for family fun. And water. Water will be added in all of these scenarios to keep the plants alive.

The arid desert air in the East Valley is a harsh environment. There is moisture in the plants and underground, but the heat bakes it out. Drip systems are an essential part of your landscaping plans. A person can do watering themselves, but how can someone guarantee that they will be able to keep to the necessary watering schedule. If they miss a day or two, their investment in plants can be lost. There are plants that are drought hardy and drought resistant, but even those need water. If you have ever seen a cactus, during a dry spell, they shrink in size. When there is an abundance of water, they get fat.

Watering systems need to be adjusted periodically depending on the season. The systems need to be inspected and parts replaced on a regular basis. Drip and sprinkler systems are set to dispense the water required for the plants they are tending. They generally do not water during the hottest part of the days as there would be more water evaporation. Drip systems allow the water to go right into the ground right by the roots where it is needed.

Let a professional like Redwood Landscaping evaluate your landscaping water needs.

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