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Planning for Spring

We are supposed to get moisture later this week. Parts of California and Northern Arizona have gotten a lot of moisture in the form of rain and snow. Dirt roads are a muddy mess. One thing about the East Valley or in Phoenix, is the general lack of rain until monsoon season. The forecast says around 1 inch of rain this week heading into next week. It is going to be crazy on the roads. There will be a certain number of people who head north to play in the snow.

This rain may be a good soaking to head into warmer weather. My northern family would be happy with 65F. Happy with 65F kind of sounds like what I said a couple of months ago. The difference is that we are on the downside of winter and headed towards spring. I love spring when the buds start to form on the trees. The plants start to peek out of the ground.

I am still learning. I am glad we got some of our hardscape done last year. Moisture can play havoc in the desert region. The problem is that the first moisture soaks in the dry ground and the next moisture makes the yard a disaster. Not to look at so much, but to walk on. The ground does not dry out as quickly as it does in the summer either. We have a couple of waves of storms going to roll through in the next week or so.

I need to make sure that the freezing is over before I begin to plant outside. Depending on the seed I want to put in the ground, I can “start” them inside. However, I am still not at home to do this. I think by the time I return home, it will be beautiful out with everything starting to turn the lovely shades of spring greens. I am looking forward to the growing season. I’ll let you know how the storms go.

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