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Fire On the Mountain

Haze is in the Air

I was driving from Flagstaff through Payson the other day and I saw a haze. The Highline Fire was in full swing. The picture on this post is a photograph I took of the smoke plume. The haze in the sky is the smoke from the fire. The fire started June 10th.

Arizona has suffered some bad fires over the years. Even though Mesa is a big city, fire is still a danger. The lack of moisture in the air dries out plants. There is a program called “Firewise” that people in rural areas apply to their homes and whole communities. Basically, you want to keep any fire from having too much fuel, dry fuel.

Landscapers do not just put pretty flowers in your yard; they can help with cleanup after disasters, storms and with general overgrowth problems. They can also make sure that your plants have the appropriate moisture levels through drip systems. Landscaping is not a one-time-and-you’re-done-forever type situation. Plants may get too big and overgrown for the area they are in.

Fires may be spectacular to look at, but not if it is your house or property. People can and do lose everything.

I am reminded every year that fire is a part of Arizona. It is not a pleasant part of Arizona. Be proactive and have your property evaluated.
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Even if a fire seems like it is far away, that only depends on the wind direction and the speed of the wind. Embers can travel quite a distance and start a new fire or expand the existing fire.

As far as the Highline Fire goes, I am grateful for the firefighters that save our communities every year. They are hardworking, professional personnel. They travel around to different fires, breath smoke, get covered in soot, and work in conditions I would not wish on my worst enemy. They put their lives on the line to protect us. And for that I am grateful.

Update: The Highline Fire is 100% contained and ended up burning 7198 acres.

Another Note: Even thought it might seem the city is safer, there was a brush fire that closed part of I-17 and West Loop 303 on June 22nd. It ended up burning 1,676 acres. It was fully contained in a few days.

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