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Barbecue Time

Hot and Cold

I have seen outdoor kitchens, and I must tell you I am impressed. This is much more than your average Smokey Joe charcoal grill or Coleman camp stove. Outdoor kitchens are just what they seem. An island area with a built in grill and optional mini-fridge.

One thing I really like it that there is a counter top to set all your dishes on so people do not have to tromp in and out of the house. The mini-fridge can be stocked with drinks or the cold food for the gathering. Cooking outside on a grill in Phoenix will help keep your house cooler. Or at least stress the air conditioning unit less.

An outdoor kitchen is a place for friends and family to gather. There is nothing I like more than a picnic or grilling. I like to cook and love to bake. However, there are times I want to do a simpler meal. Burgers or brats on the grill are just the ticket. I like to add some sides. It is easy and quick. If I am lucky and I don’t really want to cook, it is much easier to get my significant other to grill than cook on a stove inside.

I do make side dishes to go along with the grilled items. I do not have an outdoor kitchen, but if I invested in one, I think I would like the optional mini-fridge. It would be a great place for the potato salad, condiments and drinks. I like my potato salad cold. I get suspicious of items that sit out in the sun and heat too long.

What would make this even better is to add a gazebo and patio. Throw in a few comfy chairs and a table. Now you have a place to entertain all year round. Well all year except for when it snows every 5 years or so. If you are originally from up north, you may even grill in the snow.

If you think this is a great addition to your property, call Walter at Redwood Landscaping today. Let him give you a free estimate.

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